Moving Home

So after 4 and a bit years living in London the time has come for me to return back to my roots and move home!

A lot of things have led to this decision but the key has been the dissatisfaction at work. Everyone out there will have felt it at some point or another. Great company, great benefits, bright lights – the list could go on. But at some point you realise that the bright lights can’t cover up your own unhappiness. Role changes and new promises have come and gone and the sense that you are being I valued never quite goes away. And then the ball drops, it’s time.

And there you have it, so I have spoken to the parents, re-drafted my CV and now I’m sat at home in the kitchen I grew up in (albeit a renovated version), trying to decide how to redecorate the bedroom I last did up when I was a 13 year old girl in a “pink phase”.

This blog will hopefully keep me sane and will document my new life back at home, while I try and live harmoniously with my parents who I’ve not lived with in nearly 10 years.

Hopefully, I’ll keep you enthralled!

TSM xxx


Olympics – London – 2012

Ok, so my post is a bit out-dated but we all like a bit of nostalgia now and then! (Can you call what happened 2 months ago nostaligia)??

The Olympics had been this shadow hanging over the head of London since we won the chance to host … 2005 I think ir was. We’ve been in a limbo state where every other conversation (especially in my former industry of estate agency) was revolved around the Olympics and the impact it would have on the transport, accomodation and general infrastructure of London.

And then it arrived. I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t that excited or enamoured by the Olympics being in London.

How wrong could I have been?

After watching the Opening Ceremony and then spending a couple of days in bed unwell and watching TV, I couldn’t help but get in the swing of things. Plus when you see the anticipation, joy and tears on the faces of the athletes and spectators – how can you not?

How to describe Team GB? Farah, Ennis, Hoy, Ainslie, Tweddle, Smith … the list could go on (and should – but you get the gist). They are incredible and if I wasn’t 20-something, I’d probably try to be an athlete now!

Essentially, I am now a big fan of the Olympics and really hope we get to host again within my lifetime!

Go OLYMPICS (LONDON) 2012!!!!!

K xoxo

Hi there

Hmm, blogging! So here I go … again.

Ok, so I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but in my defence, I’ve tried before (and failed miserably). I get easily distracted – this is more of a disclaimer than anything else. I’m likely to post 3 entries in 1 day and then disappear for a while.

So I’m trying again to make this work.

“What’s different now?” I hear you cry. FYI I know you’re not crying this out loud, but what the hey, I’m hoping there’s one person reading and wondering! Well, now because I want an outlet. I feel that even if there’s no-one reading this, it’s a forum for me to be me. However weird I come across in the future … this is it!

I’ve always described myself as a bit of a magpie. That is to say – if it’s shiny – I want it! I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember, with jobs, shoes, clothes, make-up – you name it!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Here’s to me putting pen to paper, thoughts to screen and hopefully managing to stick it out!

K xx