Do It Today

So I had all these grand plans when I first moved home – and reading my idealised blog post from when I had just returned does make me laugh but also stress a little.

It’s been almost exactly 6 months since I came back – I had all these ideas:
– I was going to redecorate – not only my bubblegum pink room but also assist with the rest of the house
– I was going to lose tonnes of weight and be one of those Instagram posters always posting pictures of their abs
– I was going to learn how to cook fantastic foods and be this ultimate domestic goddess
– I was going to blog post weekly.

I have completed a grand total of zero of these goals / ideas. It’s really true when people say – ‘Life has a habit of getting in the way’. I couldn’t really agree with that statement more than I do after these 6 months.

So, here I sit with another goal and that quite simply is to be more productive.
To living each day as if it’s your last.
To not putting off til tomorrow, that which can be done today.

Without sounding too soppy, I’ve had a few things happen which make me realise I don’t want to look back when I’m older and have regrets or think about the things I could have done.

Hopefully, you’ll see me becoming more active on here and posting about those things which I’ve said I would in the past!!

Thanks for reading!

TSM xx